Happy New Year!!!

Yes… It is 2019 with 365 days of a fresh start. thinking back on 2018 I had a lot of necessary changes and adjustments to adjust to. To think of my emotional and mental well being how many times I neglected to practice self care in order to care for someone else.   This year no more neglecting my temple, i matter and so do you. whatever your self care maybe  health,getting in shape,mental stability, or becoming a natural guru you […]

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Can I be honest?  This year has brought so many changes in lifestyle as well as growing me as a person. Emotionally and physically I have been challenged. Becoming a mother was so exciting but raising the little rascals has been a whole book. Trust me exhaling all the the bullshit has literally kept me sane. Not to mention Keeping my pact to myself to stay healthy. In the middle of the sanity I have found quite moments just to be thankful. Thankful for what I do have, if I have 10 percent of my mind left I’m thankful for that.  My advice, exhale all the things that don’t matter and pursue what’s important.  For me that’s family and leaving a legacy for others to be thankful.

Always a pleasure 

Happy Thanksgiving ??!!


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